What Is Paxi Services

We are a pet pick up and delivery service serving the upstate of South Carolina. Our services are designed to make your life more convenient while also being as safe as possible for your pet.

I understand that my pet(s) must be current on an annual physical exam, along with an annual DHPP and Rabies. Cats must be current on rabies and FVRCP according to AAHA guidelines. In addition, Paxi follows the AAHA recommendations for all dogs in group housing environments, by requiring that all dogs be vaccinated for kennel cough and have an intestinal parasite examination performed every 6 months. If your dog has not been vaccinated for kennel cough in over a year, a waiting period of 5 days is required once the vaccine is given, before traveling with Paxi. Please keep in mind that we require vaccine verification prior to booking your reservation. I understand this is for the safety of my pets and other travelers. In the event of an emergency situation while the animal is in Paxi’s care, Paxi has permission to take whatever means necessary to help your animal in distress. Including and in addition to: going to the nearest emergency animal hospital, performing CPR, or any other life saving measures at the discretion of the Paxi employee. I understand that this is for the safety of my pet(s) and other travelers. I understand that I will be financially responsible for the cost of the emergency measures taken in the preceding description.


I understand that there are risks involved, including scrapes, cuts, and other injuries, which are commonplace due to the nature of automobile travel. Paxi reserves the right to withdrawal the service offers to any animal or owner at the discretion of Paxi. Including, but not limited to: aggressive behavior displayed by the cat or dog, or anything that threatens the safety of the staff or transportation route. More serious injuries cannot be predicted, but I am aware harm or loss could come to my pet due to the nature of automobile transportation. If I am uncomfortable with my pet being exposed to the above dangers, Paxi suggests you not use our services. If an emergency should arise, Paxi will do their best to contact me, but in the event that they cannot, I authorize Paxi to approve any medical treatment recommended by a Veterinarian. I agree to reimburse

Paxi for all expenses incurred due to such an event.

I understand that in a non-emergency situation, my pet will not be seen by a veterinarian, unless I have been contacted at my emergency number for prior approval. In the event that a Paxi employee notices a problem, an incident report will be filed and brought to the attention of the owner.

I understand that any personal items that are brought in with my pet need to be brought with the understanding that they could be damaged while with Paxi, and we are not to be held responsible. I understand that any items I send with my pet may become wet or soiled during my pets’ transportation and Paxi will not be liable for the cleaning, return or loss of said items. If possible, these items will be bagged and returned to me unwashed.

I hereby consent and authorize Paxi to receive and transport my pet(s). I understand that Paxi will use all reasonable precautions for the safekeeping of the described pet(s), but Paxi will not be held responsible in any manner whatsoever on account of medical situations that may arise, as it is thoroughly understood that I assume all risks. I also understand that Paxi employees are not present after reaching the final destination designated by the owner.

I hereby certify that I have read and fully understand this authorization for transporting my pet with Paxi. I assume financial responsibility for all charges incurred to the above pet(s) and agree to pay all such charges at the completion of their transportation.


I understand that Paxi is not set up to transport/handle aggressive or troubled pets. I also understand that the Paxi drivers hold the right to deny services upon arrival if the pets are displaying any of these characteristics.


I hereby understand that Paxi is a by appointment only service, and not an emergency or on demand service. I hereby understand that Paxi requires that I schedule all pickups and drop-offs at least 48 hours in advance. However, Paxi will be more than willing to accommodate you in times of crisis and/or other circumstances.


I understand that Paxi accepts multiple forms of payment including cash, credit, or debit cards, however, checks will not be accepted. I understand that payment is due upon service completion. For example, a pickup in the morning and a drop off in the evening would result in two separate transactions.