“Do I need to be home for Paxi to pickup my animal?”
Answer: “Yes, we require that the owner of the animal or someone who the owner has authorized to tend to the animal to be present upon pick-up and/or drop off.”

“Do I need to let my pet’s animal care facility know that Paxi will be dropping off/taking home my pet?”
Answer: “Yes, we require the owner of the animal to call the animal care facility ahead of time to give Paxi consent to drop off/pick up their animal.”

“Will a Paxi employee stay with my pet while they are at their appointment?”
Answer: “No, Paxi will drop off the animal at the designated facility and return once the animal is ready to be picked up. (If the owner wishes for Paxi bring their animal back home)”

“Does my pet need to have current vaccinations in order to ride with Paxi?”
Answer: “Yes, Paxi requires all riders to be up to date with vaccinations before riding. We require the owner to send vaccination proof via email, text message, etc. See the ‘vaccinations’ section of our policies and procedures for full vaccination requirements.”

“Does my pet have to ride in a cage?”
Answer: “No, Paxi is equipped with metal enclosures that can fit animals up to 110lbs. However, if the owner does not wish for their pet to ride in an enclosure, Paxi is equipped with a riding harness that will allow the pet to ride in the front seat securely”